driveway cleanersThe driveway is one of the first things your visitors see upon arriving at your property. Its appearance can tell what kind of homeowner you are. This is why hiring landscape artists have become popular nowadays to bring out the best in every outdoor space. Driveways differ depending on the surface, technique, finish, and materials used. These might be confusing at first, but with proper research, you’ll know which is ideal for your property.

Types of Driveway Materials

Driveway materials come in two categories: solid surface and aggregate surface. Solid surfaces are smooth and seamless materials, which are the most preferred category by homeowners. These include asphalt and concrete driveways. Aggregate surfaces, on the other hand, include gravel and crushed stones. These give a sandy feeling to the driveway, but are more difficult to maintain.

Concrete and Cement Driveways

Many people are confused between the difference of concrete and cement, but there’s no difference to compare at all. In fact, both terms are okay to use for driveways because these are similar to each other. Concrete is a mixture, which includes aggregate, cement, and sand. Cement is simply the binding element that keeps all these together once the landscape workers add water to the mixture.

Sealing Asphalt and Concrete Driveways

Landscape workers can seal the concrete driveways immediately after installing it. Unlike asphalt, it doesn’t need to take up to six months to do this process. A maintenance re-sealing should happen every three years to maintain its quality. This way, the driveway’s sealant coat won’t wear out. Sealing asphalt driveways, however, depends on the climate of the area. It might need a maintenance re-sealing annually, especially if winter seasons are severe. A driveway cleaning service is also ideal to keep the good appearance of the driveway.

Landscaping driveways bring out the best in your outdoor space. Make sure you decide what category your property should have. This way, you can complement the driveway along with the house and its surrounding area.