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Look Out: Car Safety Features to Watch Out For

find a lincoln dealerOne of the most important things to consider when buying a car is its level of safety. Although driving carefully and following the traffic rules can go a long way, car safety features will increase your safety in unfortunate times. Safety features can prevent crashes and reduce the car damage if an incident occurs on the road. If you’re looking for new and used cars dealerships, find a vehicle with the following safety features:

Air bags provide life-saving benefits for many car drivers. Front air bags inflate to prevent the passengers from hitting the steering wheel and windshield. Side air bags, on the other hand, reduce the risk that passengers will hit the door or objects that will crash through it.

Seatbelts are designed to keep you inside the vehicle in the event of the crash. They also reduce the risk that you will collide with the steering wheel or windshield. There are new seat belt designs that improve the seatbelt performance. Some of these new models include adjustable upper belts, which can change the position of the shoulder strap to accommodate a person’s size and the seatbelt pretensioner that retracts the seatbelt to remove excess slack in a crash.

Anti-Lock Brake System
The anti-lock brake system [ABS] prevents a vehicle’s wheels from locking due to panic braking. This enables you to maintain better steering control, which is a great factor in avoiding collision. Some ABS also have a brake assist that senses emergency braking by detecting the force at which you press the brake pedal and boosting the power as needed.

Electronic Stability Control
Electronic stability control provides assistance to maintain the control of the vehicle at extreme steering maneuvers. This feature also senses when a car is starting to spin out and automatically applies a brake to a single wheel. This can reduce the occurrence of crashes in which the vehicle veers off the road.

Traction Control
This safety feature is important when you’re driving in wet conditions. This monitors the speed of all four wheels and detects if one wheel is moving faster than others. It can adjust the engine power and slow a wheel down to compensate for the loss of traction. Traction control is widely available on cars with four-wheel anti lock brake systems.

Whatever type, model, or brand of car you’re going to buy, always look for these safety features. As you may not know what can happen on the road, these features can offer you protection. Talk to a reliable car dealers to find the right car for you and your budget.