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The Beauty of Using EPDM Rubber Felts

Roofing is essential to any property. Regardless of the part of your house, it’s important that your system can provide adequate protection against outdoor threats and stand the test of time. Apart from the base material, it pays to add felts to prolong the life of your roof.

EPDM rubber is one of the best roofing felt materials for most properties. This synthetic rubber is a great alternative to conventional felts, which are more prone to damage over time. Perfect for flat roofing systems, you can get many practical benefits in using this roofing felt.


This synthetic material can last longer that other roofing felts. EPDM rubber can withstand extreme temperatures and is highly resistant to UV rays. EPDM membranes also have fewer seams, which means they are strong against the toughest weather conditions. They are less likely to blister and crack than other materials.


EPDM rubber is versatile for different applications. This material is perfect for roof decks with low slopes or barrel-roof systems with steep slopes. These felts also work best on expansive roofs, as they come in 10 to 20-foot wide rolls. Many of the EPDM suppliers offer a variety of membrane designs to suit unique applications.

Ease in Installation

These rubber felts are easy to install, which is why most builders and property owners prefer this material for DIY projects. Installing EPDM membranes is safer than other felts, as it doesn’t involve heating or torching and heavy machineries. All you need are tools and equipment used for adhesive applications to install the panels.


As they are simply to install, EPDM felts have low installation costs. They are also highly recyclable and can be set up over other roofing systems. This makes them the economical choice for re-roofing projects.

EPDM rubber is a welcome addition to your roofing system. With all the great features of material, the cost of this roofing felt is only a small amount to pay for the great value you can get in return. Check out the different EPDM roofing felt systems when looking for the right rubber membrane for your property.