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Graphic Design 101: The Basics

Being a graphic artist is one of the coolest careers one can have. Imagine, your job is to bring mere sketches into life, make them move, and react as you please. It’s like being able to create a world of characters of your own. You’re getting paid for doing something you really love! Could there be anything cooler than that?

Just like any craft, there are things you need to learn about graphic designing. Be positive – it’s actually not as hard as it seems, professionals say. You just need to understand what you’re doing! It doesn’t matter whether you want it as a career or simply a hobby. Take your time to learn the basics, like why you need to invest in video backgrounds, and you’ll have a shot at making it big in the industry.

Here are the basic things graphic artists should know about:

A good graphic artist should understand the eight principles of design. This includes unity, rhythm, proportion, emphasis, economy, direction, contrast, and balance. People interested in graphic design should have at least a basic understanding of these principles.
Other than the eight principles, there are also eight elements of design.

These eight are what you will use to communicate or express the different design principles through illustrations like motion backgrounds. These elements consist of value, texture, movement, space, volume, color, line, and typography.

After the principles and elements of design, every graphic artist should know the best software to use. The days of canvas and paint are long gone. You need computer software for graphic design. Last year’s top three most recommended software are the Zara Designer Pro 7, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, and Corel Draw Graphics Suite, in no particular order.

If you want a steady income, you should be ready to work for magazines, newspapers, marketing companies, movie studios, and businesses that require artistic illustrations. Professionals suggest you invest in video backgrounds to keep your creative juices flowing always.