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Alternative-Fuel Four-Wheelers For The Future

3.5Automakers are eagerly tapping a new car market if the recent slew of electric and hybrid vehicles rolled out at the Frankfurt Auto Show is anything to go by. However, the fact is that no one is buying such four-wheelers, at least now, despite companies such as Volkswagen and BMW coming out with these models.

Whetting Appetite

That is why, car makers are trying to whet the appetite of the car crazy by ensuring that performance and luxury-wise these hybrid models are on par with their conventional counterparts.

The two main reasons why the alternatively fueled cars are not garnering mass markets are their high costs and buyer anxiety of running out of power mid-road.

However, analysts say that despite consumer disinterest, there are reasons for making such cars as they help to lower average fleet emissions to set standards and keep the automakers ready for a situation where the governments will push people to by eco-friendly, emission-free vehicles.