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Smart Glasses For The Blind: Scientists Say They Aim To Assist Navigate The Environment

smart glassesPeople with severe sight loss may be able to see again as scientists from Oxford University say they have developed smart glasses that provide a clear surrounding.

Improving sight

The concept of the smart glasses, according to the researchers, is to give people with poor vision an aid that improves their awareness of what is around them.

It does not replace lost vision, but help with spatial awareness.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People claims the device could be “incredibly important.”

Helping the blind with directions

The glasses are now being tested and allowed some people to see their guide dogs for the first time.

“If you’re walking around you’re able to navigate doorways, and see hazards on the floor that might trip you up. So you can become more independent and walk around with greater ease,” said lead researcher Dr Stephen Hicks in a statement.

“People have loved them. They remark how much they can see now. They can see details in faces, they can see their own hands. People have commented how they’ve seen their guide dog for the first time. It’s a real enabler.”