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Southeast Asian Summit: Discussions Over Maritime Tension With China

china navyMaritime tension heats up in the South China Sea after Vietnam and the Philippines aimed for a stronger action to confront China’s aggressive ways.

Long-standing, bitter disputes

China, Vietnam, and the Philippines were involved in a series of confrontations over disputed territory at a Southeast Asian summit this weekend.

Hosted by Myanmar, a showdown between Vietnamese and Chinese ships near the Paracel Islands has highlighted the bitter disputes.

Southeast Asian leaders issued a statement expressing their concern to stop raising tensions at sea, but didn’t make a direct mention of China.

Island defense drill

The Philippines and Vietnam, however, made it clear since the beginning that they wanted more.

“China has brazenly moved its deep-water drilling rig escorted by over 80 armed and military vessels and many airplanes to the Vietnamese waters,” Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dzung said in a statement. He said the vessels “fired high-powered water cannons and rammed straight into the Vietnamese public-service and civil ships, causing damage to many ships and injuring many people on board.”