Somewhere in the history of jewelry and advertising, the diamond became synonymous to engagement and marriage. It may have begun as an ingenious marketing campaign, but these precious stones as signs of courtship and commitment may have a psychological basis.

Marinelli Jewelers is a premiere jewelry shop in New York. They, too, understand the true value and meaning of jewelry. Here are a few things to ponder.

Women are more inherently parental compared to men, making them inclined to commit to a spouse able to support and provide for both her and her future children. Even without realizing it, a diamond engagement ring signifies a man’s ability to provide and his willingness to invest in his future family.

It’s not enough that an engagement symbol has to be expensive, it’s actually important that it has no real purpose other than ornamental. Presenting a woman with an expensive car or a lavish house has an element of usefulness as a shared item where the man can also profit.

The item indicating commitment should be all for the woman and without any intrinsic value. Diamond rings are beautiful, but their real worth can only be measured by their monetary amount. Men giving their significant others diamond rings show they can afford and are willing to spend and invest money that will solely benefit the woman and their future family.

As the monetary worth of a diamond is important, the other qualities of this gem become important, too. The bigger the rock, the more financially stable the man is. Choosing the right cut, clarity, and color also shows his compatibility with his fiancée. Custom-made rings using rare diamonds may point out the lengths a man is willing to go through for his family.

Other accessories made with precious metals and other gems may express the same sentiment as a diamond ring. In fact, jewelry as gifts can be a measure stick you can use to quantify your worth to another person. Customized jewelry with rare elements can signify how much a person is willing to invest in you.