safari weddingThere is more to Africa than deserts, wildlife, and safaris. Africa offers plenty of attractions worth visiting. It is also one of the best locations for weddings, honeymoons, or romantic getaways. With its pristine beaches, less crowded tourist spots, and stunning wildlife, Africa can offer you an unforgettable time. Listed below are the best African places to celebrate your love.

Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Zanzibar is an ideal location for a beach wedding. It is a tropical island located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania. This island is known for its beautiful ocean palms, powdery white sandy beaches, and turquoise blue water. This fascinating archipelago is also a great location to watch the whales and dolphins swim with the whale sharks.

Another great thing about Zanzibar is that it offers less costly accommodations. You can also purchase travel and wedding packages from Zanzibar websites. Such travel sites will help you find the most suitable venue or accommodation for you and your better half.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a great location for a classic wedding. It is an imperial city in Morocco located near the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and a few hours away from the Sahara desert. As travelling this vibrant city can be a little overwhelming, getting can official guide is advisable. With its intriguing appeal and sultry Arabic charm, Marrakech can make your wedding or honeymoon even more romantic. To add more excitement to your holiday, you and your loved one can visit Majorelle gardens or gardens around the Saadian Tombs.

Seychelles Island

Seychelles is the perfect choice for your honeymoon. It is composed of 115 islands scattered in the archipelago off the Indian Ocean. This is where Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton spent their honeymoon. Reports said Prince William took her bride on a trip to Desroches Island, a romantic beach vacation spot.

As a paradigm of ecotourism, Seychelles is a wonderful location to enjoy nature. Here, you can watch the birds and giant tortoise in their natural habitat. You can also venture inland on jungle trails, indulge in fine dining, or enjoy luxury accommodations.

Whether you want a simple or an elaborate wedding, Africa offers plenty of options. With its vast landscape and exotic wildlife, it can let you experience a safari honeymoon or romantic getaway in the desert. Don’t settle for anything less. To make your wedding extra special and exciting, choose Africa.