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Google Hummingbird: Understanding its Effect on Your SEO

google hummingbirdGoogle announced its latest update, Hummingbird, on September 27th but used it as early as August 30th. According to the company’s senior vice president, it’s their largest update since Caffeine, which they released on 2010. To prevent your website’s ranking from slipping on search results, think about consulting SEO consultants for advice.

Here are some of the changes businesses will notice from Google Hummingbird.

Answering Complex Questions

One of the major features of Hummingbird is its ability to provide appropriate results to follow-up questions. This makes it easier for users to learn about different things. For instance, you searched about the paintings of Van Gogh, and then did a follow-up search on his birthday. Google will know that your search for “when is his birthday” refers to Van Gogh’s date of birth. This feature, together with Google’s Knowledge graph, aims to provide better search results for users.

Long Search Queries

In the past, Google provided search results by analyzing individual words. For instance, when you search for Sony Xperia Z, you’ll receive a list of websites that’s relevant to your search. This may be a combination of user reviews, stores selling the phone, and websites with the phone’s specifications.

With the rise of smartphones, many users turned to using voice search applications to look for things online. This means, you don’t need to type words, such as “iPhone 5S store Singapore” to find a shop that sells the iPhone 5S in Singapore. You can search the Web by saying “I’m looking for a store that sells iPhone 5S in Singapore”.

Google aims to adapt to the shift from desktop search to mobile search through Hummingbird. Rather than evaluating individual words, Google will now analyze long search queries to provide a better list of results to its users. Ask the help of an SEO consultant to learn how to improve your SEO techniques for longer search queries.

What Does This Mean for Your Business

With Hummingbird, you now have the opportunity to reach your target market through better content marketing techniques. Some experts say there’s now a thin line between writing for users and search engines. With great content, you can target search engines and the right audience easily.

With Hummingbird’s arrival, you have more opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. Use it to your benefit to reach a wider market and improve your ROI.