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Breaking Things Down: The Three Parts of a Home Security System

home security cameraFifteen percent of American households have home alarm systems installed. It’s a small statistic given conventional wisdom that security systems deter burglars. What may cause more concern, though, is that 54% of security system owners don’t know how to operate their systems. A system that isn’t used effectively is no better than having no system at all. This is important, especially since 73% of burglars say that they would still attempt to rob a house even if it had a security system.

In order to understand how a professional home alarm system works, you need to know what makes it function properly. There are three basic components to any security system.


Sensors are small devices that make a security system effective against infiltration. They’re the sentries that keep lookout for anything that might pose a threat to your home. There are different kinds of sensors, for different kinds of jobs. Some sensor may detect general motion in a room, or a single action in a specific area.

Control Panel

The control panel is what most people see and have to work with after installment of the system. It’s the heart of the entire system, controlling the signals fed from the sensors and sending a warning to the monitor team. This is also where you can activate your system and customize your preferred settings.

Monitor Team

The monitor team is the human aspect of home security services and serves as a fail-safe mechanism against false alarms. More often than not, owners trip their own security systems without meaning to, or without realizing it. Whenever an alarm is triggered, the signal reaches the monitoring team who tries to contact the owners to ascertain the situation. If the owners don’t answer or respond, the team will assume that an emergency is taking place and dispatch the nearest appropriate authorities to the house. In cases where nothing is wrong, the team can assist the owners in deactivating and re-arming the system and not have to waste police officer hours.

The rest is a simple matter of getting to know your specific system and how you want it to work based on your lifestyle. Whenever you get a security system installed, make sure to get all the details from the personnel so you can use it efficiently. An installed home security system is only as good as the person using it.