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Top 4 Criteria to Look for in Bluetooth Earbuds

purchasing wireless headphoneApart from being Bluetooth enabled, the best wireless earbuds should be easy to connect with more than one Bluetooth device. These earbuds should also have enough battery life to last for hours of talk and listening time, along with easy-to-use controls.

Apart from these features, top tech reviewers also take into account four main criteria when choosing the best Bluetooth earbuds. These are:


Bluetooth earbuds have buttons on the earpiece that pair devices, answer or reject phone calls, control volume, and skip tracks. As such, tech reviewers recommend searching for earbuds with multipurpose buttons that can control most of these functions. If looking for additional features, search for those with resistance to moisture, dual microphones, and replaceable noise-isolating ear tips.

Design and Specifications

The best Bluetooth earbuds should have lightweight materials, batteries that charge in less than two hours, and behind-the-neck cord design for added stability.


Even though earbuds lost the wires, they didn’t lose the performance. In fact, most Bluetooth earbuds for laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices are comparable with even the best wired earbuds. Most of these earbuds also have frequency ranges of at least 30 feet, and optimum impedance and power levels that provide superior sound quality.

Using Bluetooth earbuds to talk on the phone expends more battery than listening to music. As such, you should look for ones that can last for at least four hours of continuous conversation.

Warranty and Support

The best Bluetooth earbuds should come with at least one year warranties, user manuals, and downloadable help documentation.

Most manufacturers offer live chat options for technical assistance, which is useful for setting up Bluetooth and pairing devices. For additional support, look for earbuds with websites that offer user forums and FAQs.

Wireless technology can make electronic device usage more convenient. As such, look for the best Bluetooth earbuds to make talking and listening on devices easier.