YouTube announced a new audience analyzer feature created to help channel owners better interact with their most loyal viewers and subscribers.


Exclusive for Popular Channels

Only YouTube users with at least 5,000 subscribers may go to to use the tool. The page displays the list of a channel’s top fans, based on how much they use content. This includes subscriber status, likes, favorites, and comments.

The tool also allows channel owners to sort users to concentrate on those with the largest YouTube reach. This way, video creators get an idea of which visitors are most influential. This is integral in helping people analyze and distinguish the video hits that matter.

Potential Two-Way Marketing Tools

Experts suggest that this new feature can help channel owners market their content better and encourage viewers in interacting more. By announcing top fans weekly or monthly, it may persuade the rest of the audience to be more excited about the videos they view. In return, they will get the same public appreciation that will also spread word about their own YouTube channels.

Heavy Google+ Integration

The new feature also works well with Google+, one of YouTube’s many sister products under Google Inc. As most of Google’s products now follow the main company’s new policies such as using full and legal names instead of generic or anonymous usernames, YouTube channel owners may connect with their viewers in Google’s own social network.

This not only connects channel owners with fans, but helps drive relationships further. By adding fans to a Google+ circle, channel owners can ask opinions, give the community access to exclusive content, and gain their support through other methods that make them value video content providers they enjoy.