Chinese action superstar Jackie Chan recently expressed plans to collaborate with a local organization to build a theme park in the Yizhuang district, Beijing.

Beijing theme park

jackie chanNamed the Jackie Chan World Park, dedicated to the 59-year-old actor, the theme park is reportedly under development.

It will contain five major themed areas and various cultural exhibition centers filled with items Chan bought and collected over the years, including four antique Chinese wooden buildings.

Jackie will also be donating the remaining controversial Chinese antique buildings that he owned and had restored over the years, which became a subject of controversy when he donated four of them to a Singapore university, as many believed the buildings were cultural relics that belonged in China.

Entrance to the park will be free, but visitors will have to purchase tickets to enter some of the attractions.

Shanghai museum

On the other hand, Shanghai is also due for some Chan exposure. The Jackie Chan museum is due to open this year, though an exact date has not been announced. The museum is set in a renovated factory in Shanghai’s PutuoDistrict.

Chan claims that while the Shanghai museum will be used for displaying thousands of movie souvenirs he collected over the years, the Beijing theme park will be used to show his personal collections.