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Dyson Sues Samsung Over Vacuum Design

vacuumBritish tech company Dyson has filed a lawsuit against South Korean company Samsung for “ripping off” the steering system in its Motion Sync vacuum cleaner.

Blatant copy of vacuum design

Dyson claims it’s a blatant copy of the steering system for cylinder cleaners, which supposedly took a couple of years to develop. The steering mechanism allows the vacuums change direction effortlessly, giving the owner more control over the machine.

“This looks like a cynical rip-off by the giant Korean company Samsung,” said James Dyson, the founder and owner of the company. “Samsung has many patent lawyers so I find it hard not to believe that this is a deliberate or utterly reckless infringement of our patent.”

Dyson’s patented technology

Samsung has rejected its rival’s allegations arguing that “The Samsung Motion Sync is an outcome of our own extensive research and development.”

Samsung’s marketing materials for its new vacuum machine specifically highlight the “revolutionary” design saying it “makes swift motion for sudden turns much easier.” The company rejected the idea that it achieved the vacuum deign by copying Dyson.

With Dyson, Samsung finds itself facing off against another formidable opponent. This is not the first time the two companies have clashed in UK courts.