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NSA Surveillance Programs Being Defended By Kerry

John KerryAs the US Secretary of State endeavors to deepen the nation’s relations with Latin America, John Kerry defended the surveillance programs of the National Security Agency and downplayed its effects on the efforts made to deepen the ties. During a press conference in Bogota, Kerry looked to play down the unhappiness expressed by Columbia and Brazil over the surveillance programs.

Why Latin America is Unhappy

Columbia and Brazil have been rankled by some reports that surfaced about citizens of the two countries and Mexico being targeted by the massive NSA program that is secretly tapping into the phone calls and internet communications around the world. These reports came to light, courtesy the leak by Edward Snowden.

However, Kerry said that the information collected was only a small part of all the issues US works on. He added that whatever data gathering was done was carried out completely under the US Constitution and while abiding by the nation’s laws.