Abusing a certain type of substance can cause health problems over time, whether it seems and feels harmless. The more dangerous ones may cause grave and irreparable damages to your body or even lead to death. It’s important to know which substance to avoid and when to stop. Learn more about this by taking a look at this list.


You may be looking forward to Friday night outs with friends, but you may want to consume beer or wines moderately. Addiction to it can cause liver disease, like cirrhosis, brain damage, and heart disease. When there’s excessive dependence to alcohol, you may need to seek treatment at an alcohol rehab center.


Smoking may take your mind off some things and make you feel better. But you should be aware that this can modify the chemical setup of some parts of your brain. The sensitivity of brain receptors to nicotine is what makes people addicted to smoking.


Cocaine can cause euphoric feelings. User may feel energized and think there’s nothing wrong with it. In the long run, this drug can cause loss of memory, depression, unstable moods, and social withdrawal. If you think you’re becoming addicted to this drug, don’t hesitate to undergo a drug treatment.


Coffee and other caffeinated drinks may make you stay awake and alert, but they can cause problems for people who consume more cups than their bodies can tolerate. Moderate effects of caffeine include headaches, restlessness, insomnia, and increased heart rate. More serious cases include panic attacks, irregular heartbeat, and depression.


Although amphetamines are initially used to cure mild depression and ease fatigue, they can also have negative effects. Those who abuse this stimulant suffer from agitation, irritability, and tremors. Interruption after an extended period of use may cause depression, hunger pangs, and suicidal thoughts. These substances may be enticing and intoxicating, but there will come a time when you will experience the consequences of your dependence on them. Stop before it’s too late. Seek help. Look for reliable institutions on the web like www.alcoholrehab.com