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US Stocks Ends Up Lower For The Month

us stock exchange

After a streak of wild trading, shares calmed down towards the end of the month. Investors looked still unsure on how to react to the Fed’s stimulus package. On Friday, the mixed economic news further added to the uncertainty of investors.

June, a roller-coaster ride

Stocks have fluctuated around in June. The first five months of the year were relatively sedate punctuated with some small and steady gains. This week investors had second thoughts on stocks which they were avoiding lately and this led to the Dow index gaining 365 points from Tuesday to Thursday. The Dow has fluctuated for at least 100 points for 16 of the 20 trading days. Bonds have also witnessed a bumpy ride but mostly downwards. Bond yields have boomed since they normally travel to opposite direction of bond prices. Bumpy ride was witnessed in the foreign markets also. Major stock indices in Germany, Britain and France lost around 5 percent in June.