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Tech Companies Target Pirate Ads Cash

Websites that gain profit from piracy are now being targeted by a plan that intends to cut off the money they get from ads.

pirate bayAn initiative to cut off pirate ads cash

The proposed plan could mean ads being removed from websites pirating songs and movies or selling fake goods. Many such websites only survive because the profit they produced from ads helps them pay their high bandwidth fees.

Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! that pipe ads to websites have signed up for the plan.

Sites engaged in copyright theft

Before now, many rights holders have attempted to deal with websites that violate copyright with takedown warnings that request to acquire copyrighted material removed from the web.

The new program provides them another way as they can now target ads that appear on webpages found to be offering fake goods or pirated media.

Under the program, they can inform an ad network that their ads are appearing on a pirate website. It will then be up to the network to inspect and pull the ads if they agree the website contains pirated content.

Websites accused of piracy are allowed to present proof in their defense if they believe the allegations are not true.