dipak desaiHe is a doctor, the owner of an endoscopy clinic in Las Vegas and has been found guilty of 27 criminal charges levied against him. This is not all. The charges against Dipak Desai also include a second degree murder of Rodolfo Meana, who was 77 year old at the time of death.

Desai’s Employee Also Convicted

Ronald Lakeman, the Nurse Anesthetist is Desai’s former employee has also been found guilty for 16 crimes out of the 27.

Medical License Surrendered

The former Medical Board Member of Nevada State, Desai, surrendered his medical license and declared himself, bankrupt. However, in lieu of the past medical attention given to him in lieu of the several strokes suffered, the attorneys have managed to help declare Desai as unfit for any court trials.

The Conviction

Both Desai and Lakeman have been sentenced lifetime imprisonment in account to their felony convictions stated in multiples. More than 70 witnesses were heard against the duo in the several weeks of court testimony for a single case that came into public limelight during February 2008. Investigations revealed unsafe medical practices in the clinic which led to testing of 63,000 patients for the deadly HIV, Hepatitis and blood borne diseases.

The next trial is scheduled to begin on August 20th this year.