GuardiolaPep Guardiola is not burning bridges. He just wants to speak his thoughts to his former employers.

The Bayern Munich manager has finally broken his silence on Barcelona president’s and club directors’ rather harsh comments about him. Guardiola says he doesn’t like the insinuation that he had not made the effort to see Tito Villanova when he was in New York for cancer treatment. Villanova, current Barca coach, was Guardiola’s former assistant when he was still in the Catalan club.

Guardiola says, “I told them [the president and his directors] I was going 6,000 km away and asked them to leave me in peace, but they haven’t kept their word.” He adds, “Too many things have happened that have crossed the line.”

“I saw him once, and the reason I didn’t see him more often was because it wasn’t possible, and that wasn’t my fault. To say that I don’t wish the best of someone who was my colleague for so many years is very bad taste, and I didn’t expect that.”

But despite the situation, Guardiola still opens his doors for his former club. Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona will face each other in a pre-season friendly on July 24.