moving inmatesA Federal Judge ordered California State on Monday to move several thousand inmates out of two prisons because of their high risk in contracting a potentially fatal airborne fungus. Filipino, black and medically at risk categories of inmates were ordered to be moved as they were more likely to suffer from health problems due to valley fever. The state has to fully comply with this order within 90 days.

State severely criticized for its handling of the crisis.

The judge Thelton Henderson criticized the State administration for its delay in tackling the problem for several years. The current ruling comes close in the wake of another ruling pointing out loopholes in the State’s handling of prison medical and mental health care. Just last week, a three judge panel gave the State time till year end to reduce its prison population by 10,000 inmates to improve conditions. 18 inmates had died in 2012 and January of 2013 due to complications from the fungus.