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BP Campaigns Aggressively Against The Oil Spill Settlement Issue

BP is challenging a multi-billion dollar settlement payout to businesses that was to be paid by it as compensation for the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP and its Aggressive Campaign

BpBPs aggressive campaign against the settlement payout is via an ad blitz and some tersely worded letters. In its letters, the company clearly warns lawyers pressing the case that it would push for recovery of at least some of its clients’ shares of the settlement if it is successful in appealing a key ruling.

That this oil giant is serious about the settlement issue is amply highlighted by the fact that it says it is sending hundreds of such letters to the concerned attorneys. To further corroborate, the company’s attorney Daniel Cantor wrote in a letter that BP has all the rights to pursue legal methods to recover payments.

Additionally, BP is aggressively campaigning via full-page newspaper advertisements. These ads published in the nation’s largest newspapers accuse ‘trial lawyers and some politicians’ of encouraging businesses for asking for non-existent losses and inflated claims.

Considering that even the judge’s ruling has not deterred BP, it appears that this time the oil giant is willing to really clean-up.