songkranBe careful as you walk down the streets in Thailand, as you may be gunned down – with water. Armed with garden hoses, water guns, buckets, and dippers, tourists have traveling to Thailand over the weekend for Songkran, the country’s most popular festival and what the locals call the world’s biggest water fight.

Saturday marked the commencement of the festivities. The celebration also signified the official start of summer.

Tourists may want to be careful, as the festival can actually be dangerous. The “seven dangerous days of Songkran,” usually sees a great deal of accidents. The current death toll reached 218. This is according to the country’s Interior Ministry road safety center. This is nearly double the high average of road deaths.

Last year, a local newspaper saw 320 deaths throughout the festival’s duration. Tourists need not to worry, though, as the major cause was not the slippery road or any case that has something to do with water; it was drunk driving.

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