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High Health Costs Excluded Millions Of Americans Last Year

A survey showed over 40% of US residents went without health insurance or had medical coverage that did not protect them against high medical expenses last year.

Health InsuranceThe survey found that 30% of US residents, or 55 million people, were not covered by the insurance for at least part of the year before the survey, which was done from April to August 2012 for the Commonwealth Fund. Another 30 million people, or 16% of the residents, were “underinsured,” with health insurance offering too little coverage and exposing them to higher costs.

According to the survey, residents earning up to four times the federal poverty level, were the ones uninsured or underinsured. The lower the salary, the more common uninsurance or underinsurance was.

Lower-income and uninsured people showed the most problems having medical coverage because of costs.

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