Waffle House is charging customers an additional 20 percent to cover the cost of added security, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The 24-hour breakfast chain establishment is located in the downtown known as Underground Atlanta that usually experiences high crime rates.

Waffle House representative Pat Warner confirmed that the additional charge has been implemented since the middle of last December.

Waffle-House“We’re the only 24-hour establishment in that neighborhood,” said Warner. “As such, the heightened security is in place to address crowd control issues and ensure the safety of our customers and associates.”

Customers and employees both appear undecided about the additional charge that pays for the $160,000 annual cost of hiring an Atlanta police officer on guard at certain times.

When a customer was asked if they appreciated the added security, they said “Moneywise no, but safety-wise, yes.”

The impact of the additional charges has reduced the tips of the customers to only $10 to $15 a night. Waffle Houses across the state have had to handle violent crimes in the past. Yet security charges are not unique to the Waffle House. In Tel Aviv, the Brew House requested customers to pay extra for security back more than a decade ago.