The auto industry was one of the areas hardest hit by the global financial crisis. Car sales plummeted, company profits dropped, and thousands, if not millions, of jobs were lost. Some parts of the trade managed to survive – second-hand car dealerships are among them.

Ray Skillman Discount Chevrolet, a car dealership in Indiana, says that dealerships managed to reduce losses and stay afloat during the recession, due to proper management and aggressive marketing strategies. While the prices of brand new cars were going up and its sales were going down, demand for second-hand vehicles was on the rise.

Many buyers prefer getting used vehicles because of the affordable price tag that comes with it, plus the fact that some of these cars still have high appraisal values.

To give prospective buyers the best deal for their hard-earned dollar, most car dealerships make an effort to inspect all aspects of these vehicles before offering them for sale. Dealers provide all the necessary information relevant to buyers including the vehicle’s specifications, ownership, maintenance, and incident history.

Regardless of the economic condition, however, used cars are a hit to car buyers due to several reasons:

  • The value of a pre-owned vehicle is almost the same as a brand new car, but it’s offered at almost half the price.
  • Insurance plans for second-hand vehicles are also more affordable, given its slightly reduced value.
  • It’s easier to negotiate prices with used car dealerships rather than with sales representatives of brand new automobiles.
  • More and more people are selling their first-owned cars with factory warranties still in effect.  This allows them to sell their vehicles at a higher rate. This results to a growing number of second hand vehicles with available service warranties.
  • Some used cars come with additional features and accessories, but you don’t have to pay extra for it.

Depending on your needs and spending capacity, a second-hand car could be a better option than a brand new vehicle. Just because a second hand car has a lower price tag on it doesn’t mean there’s already something wrong with it. It could simply mean that it was driven by a previous owner thus it no longer holds the same value as it did when it first went out of the showroom.

A spokesperson from Ray Skillman adds that it’s advisable to choose a dealership you can trust. Do your research to make sure you’re not missing out on great promos and best deals in and around your area.  Make sure the dealership you’ll choose have a large selection of used car vehicles so you have more models to compare.

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