Many people enjoy speeding, and highways are generally the preferred place to try this. In many European areas there are even laws that allow just that; Germany is famous for its autobahns, which sometimes have unrestricted speeding limits. Those that enjoy high performance vehicles often take to these highways to unleash their speed, but The Atlantic reveals in “This Guy’s Car Got Stuck at 125 MPH-For An Hour” that recently a man who simply wanted to buy groceries found himself unexpectedly flying down the highway.

Car speedingAn unexplained malfunction led to Frank Lecerf’s car speeding up to 125 miles an hour. Lecerf fought to control the car while calling police to alert them of the rogue vehicle. A squadron of police cars responded swiftly to try to help manage the situation, as there seemed to be nothing Lecerf could do; pressing his brakes only increased the car’s speed.

The police formed a protective barrier around Lecerf, as much for the protection of the other drivers on the road as it was for him. Using their sirens, they warned other cars out of the way of the speeding vehicle. Three toll booths that were warned of his approach also managed to lift their barriers in time.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Lecerf never managed to regain control of his speed; it took an hour before the vehicle finally emptied its fuel tank and stopped. Though there was no accident, Lecerf and the officers who helped him will never forget this frightening incident, and they may think twice about taking their cars for granted ever again.