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The Risks Of Moderate Drinking

Light drinking reportedly has a few health benefits, such as being healthy for the heart. But many use this as their excuse to have a drink every now and again, and while drinking can have health benefits, for many the risks outweigh the possible benefits. Certain people are at risk of becoming heavy drinkers, and for those people the problems that drinking can cause negate any possible benefits.
Moderate DrinkingThe National Institute of Health published “What Are The Risks?” to advise those who are at risk of heavier drinking against taking up the habit. The article points out that alcohol is involved in as many as 60% of all drownings, homicides, and fatal burn injuries. Alcohol use also leads to a greater risk of other types of injuries, such as motor vehicle accidents, fatal falls, and trauma injuries. There is a clear correlation between drinking and those types of injuries.

Aside from the higher risk of injury, alcohol consumption can cause or worsen many health problems. In many cases, heavy drinking contributes to issues such as liver and heart diseases, several types of cancer, stroke, and possible sleeping disorders. Alcohol intake can also increases depression in many individuals. Drinking alcohol can also make it harder to manage certain existing health problems. Diabetes, blood pressure fluctuations, and other health conditions are harder to control when alcohol is added to the mix.

AlcoholismThe greatest risk for drinkers who have a family history of alcoholism or cannot control their alcohol consumption is developing alcoholism. These conditions can have dramatic effects on a person’s life. While alcohol may have a few health benefits for light drinkers, sometimes the risks are too great.