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McDonald’s Wows With Mansion Location

McDonald’s is associated with a lot of things, mostly unflattering: unhealthy, cheap, greasy food; all-night locations with poor decor; and minimum-wage workers who could care less about service. It is generally not the kind of place that is associated with class, grace, and fashionable decor – except for one location.

Esquire reports in “The Nicest McDonald’s Ever?” that incongruously, Long Island contains a mansion that is home to a McDonald’s restaurant. The exterior looks nothing like McDonald’s typical red and yellow buildings, and no giant arches adorn the front. Instead, the stately white two-story building is graced with a wide porch with benches in front, a wing built on one side, and an enclosed deck on the other side, with a balcony on top. It would be a respectable home for any family; so the discreet black lettering of the McDonald’s sign on top of the porch seems out of place. The parking lot directly in front of the house doesn’t fit either, as the house would be better suited surrounded by gardens and well-kept grounds.

But despite its historic look, McDonald’s has been located there for almost three decades. The original residents lost ownership of the home long ago, and it was used as a restaurant until McDonald’s took over. Although it may seem an unworthy occupant for such a house, it is an interesting and picturesque piece of local history – something locals don’t even notice until an outsider points out how odd it looks. Despite its looks, locals say it is no different at heart than any other McDonald’s – just set in a better location.