Many in these trouble economic times try to maintain small luxuries that make things more bearable. For some, it might be keeping a magazine subscription, or buying video games or used books; others may prefer a gym membership or a treat now and then. For Pam Dwyer, hunting for treasures at yard sales is what brightens her life; and her latest find justifies the time and money she has spent on it.

Dwyer thought she was buying a picture of a horse, and for $5 it seemed worth it. But her husband suspected that the innocuous horse picture was hiding something more; when they got home they took the picture out, and found an amazing find behind it. The Huffington Post reports in “Pam Dwyer, Arizona Woman, Buys $5 Painting At Yard Sale And Discovers JFK Portrait Inside” that Dwyer discovered that the sketch of John F. Kennedy was an original. The artist is not famous and has not sold many pictures, and he developed his artistic talent while in jail. The combination of factors would make the find of dubious value, but the picture was drawn with loving care and amazing attention to detail.

Despite the fact that the artist is hardly on the level of the most famous artists, the find is still a valuable one. In addition to being a previously unknown, contemporarily drawn portrait of JFK, it also draws out the subject’s character and personality. Dwyer was quoted a price for it that may reach $5000, and she is well satisfied with that amount, as it would ease her finances. But the sudden riches will likely not distract her from her hobby; with hunting through yard sales, there is always the appeal of what unknown treasure will be discovered next.