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Battle Math Anxiety With These Tips

Undeniably, the most difficult subject for many people is mathematics. There are a range of formulas, equations and explanations that overwhelm us! If you’re still schooling and need a good mark in this subject, read this article and start trying to be Rene Descartes or Euclid.

1. Do not absorb everything about the subject in one sitting. Relax. Take one lesson at a time. Search for a topic that you would like to cover.

2. Do some research about the subject from a reliable source. Try not to rely on online resources. Find a good book and a good tutor. Find a good math book or math website for your age.

3. Practice. The timeless piece of advice “Practice makes perfect” will never fail you. Solve one problem at a time.

4. After each problem you tried to answer, try to find out where you have made an error If your answer is incorrect.

5. Be in constant communication with your tutor. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you want to clear something.

6. When doing some problems, do not always rely on books as they may be some technical flaws in the construction of each problem. Ask your tutor to create a few sample problems for you.