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Possible Education Reform

Education is one of those universal issues which can never be completely settled; and in strict economic times such as this, it has become a major issue in nearly every community.  Of course, every community wants what’s best for their children; yet the spending that is required for that is usually not economically feasible.  Thus there is a balance to maintain, among obtaining the best school supplies and materials, getting the best teachers, dealing with teachers’ unions, maintaining education programs, and so on.

With education being such a major issue, it is no surprise that both political parties have made education reform an important part of their campaigns.  Given the disparity in views, which party wins the election in November will have a greatly disparate impact on education.  For example, The Washington Post reports in an article on the Republican Party’s stance on education that the Republican Party has several goals.  They aim to provide greater educational choices, higher standards and accountability for both teachers and students, greater discipline in schools, more involvement from parents, increased technology use, and institute merit pay for teachers.

While all those are admirable, the fact remains that none of these are new or surprising suggestions.  Many of them are standard goals for any school, no matter what political affiliation – such as increased involvement from parents, and higher educational standards.  Merit pay has also been debated for some time now.  Education is a vital issue in these times; whichever party is elected must acknowledge the need for substantial reform.